Businessman Attempts to Raise $1.5m to Test 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Paul Salo (the maybe part time lumberjack pictured above) is a U.S. businessman now operating in Thailand, who has lived in South East Asia for thebetter part of the last 30 years while starting various ventures. Heavy did a quick bio you can check outhere. But his background isn’t the intriguing portion of this, it’s the fact he wants to raise approximately $1.5m in order to fly a jet at 500 mph into a building. He plans to once and for all determine whether 9/11 was a hoax.

You didn’t misread that, our buddy here is accepting donationshereand if you so chose, a $5,000 donation gets you a front row seat to an event that could very well result in being blown into a zillion tiny pieces.

But, safety concerns aside, here is his plan for this reenactment: fly a fully fueled and loaded 747 (or an equivalent aircraft) into a building with similar structure to that of the World Trade Center. His motivation is to prove whether or not the collapsing of the towers were legitimatein light of theSenate passing a bill allowing families to sue Saudi Arabia for any role they playedin the 9/11 attacks.

My initial take on this was that this guy is looney tunes and there’s no chance he comes close to his goal. But on second thought, I have dabbled in the occasional 9/11 conspiracy “documentary” on Netflix and even though anything with an agenda has to be taken with a grain of salt with how easy it is to manipulate facts and only include information that makes the desired point.

So, now I’m thinking what the hell, if there are people out there who have 5 grand lying around and want to go have a front row seat to a random building being annihilated by a plane then so be it. No matter what the results are the internet will just flood with conspiracy theories about the conspiracy debunker or prover and we’ll be right back where we started.

Here’s the video he released to originally announce this grand plan from May 10th:

I will say that there are definitely enough people from both sides, either 9/11 was definitely staged or this whole conversation is so stupid and they’ll chip in to see how this whole thing plays out.

In conclusion pack your bags because we’re following Paul Salo down this rabbit hole to “truth,” and maybe stand back a few hundred feet behind the front row he establishes for this demonstration, you know, just to be on the safe/not burned to death side.




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