The Bachelorette is a disease of a show, but this is funny

The Bachelorette premiered last night on ABC, but there is only one reason I’m taking time out of my day to write about it: Two time NFL MVP quarterback Aaron Rodger’s burnt out little brother is a contestant on the show.


Jordan Rodgers, former benchwarmer for the Vanderbilt†Commodores and nearly NFL player (drafted as a free agent in 2013 but never played, is now “retired.”) Is now the “frontrunner” for this season, AKA†he has a famous brother, a good hairline and didn’t embarrass himself in the first episode, so Bachelorette JoJo (and former Bachelor contestant) was naturally game for kissing him in no time because that is what America wants and that is what keeps shit like this on air.

Jordan must have felt on top of the world after the first episode, he swooned JoJo,†made a few headlines, but above all, got absolutely dumped on by his Ex. Whoops.


His ex, Brittany Farrar†took to Instagram to expose his dirty past and apparent thirst for†fame finally coming to light…

Screen-Shot-2016-05-24-at-8.02.43-AM-1What’s even worse? The post was shown some love (liked) by Aaron Rodger’s current girlfriend†Olivia Munn, who in the rules of modern day social ethics, supports Brittany and probably knows everything in that post is too legit to quit. There are even pictures of them hanging out post-break up. Proving that Jordan is a big enough douche for his family to cross him, or Olivia has no concept of “family over everything.”



Note:†I didn’t watch the episode nor do I plan to, but I thought this was juicy enough for you to know, so when that one friend of yours starts gushing about her favorite former NFL football player who is now on the Bachelorette, you can ruin her day with this dirt.

Want to catch up on the episode? Of course you don’t. Want to see the entire episode reenacted by babies? Of course you do.



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