We Messed Around and Got an Interview with Shea Serrano

For those of you who don’t know who he is (shame on you, all of you), Shea Serrano is the Twitter God out here spreading positive messages and ultralight  beams all while encouraging us to embrace our inner pettiness.

Other than that he is the author of the New York Times Best Seller The Rap Year Book, Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book and the The-Free-Newsletter-Most-Requested-To-Be-Paid-For-On-The-Internet, Basketball (And Other Things), where he did a deep dive into the what the hell is going on with Hoopers from the State Farm commercials as well as giving us Kawhi Leonard romance novel that we never knew we needed and more.

0f09d467-3f29-4beb-b97e-03e6333ba913Arturo Torress did the artwork for B(AOT), The Rap Yearbook, and the bookmarks Shea gives out on Twitter

In addition to that he also scribbled for Grantland (RIP), XXL, LA Weekly, the Near Northwest Banner (shoutout to that old lady for giving our dude a chance out here in this cold, cold world), amongst other spots.

Naturally with Two Buttons Deep being live for all of maybe 12 hours I had to hit up Shea to see if we could grab him for an interview and believe it or not (don’t worry we didn’t either at first) he met with me at the greatest place on earth (the World Wide Web). He kept it short and sweet for y’all, don’t worry, even though I was so amped I offered him infinity words, but he’s got to save some ammo for his next project. So, without further ado…

1.First off, can you give all the reader(s) (hopefully that “s” is applicable by the time this drops) who Shea Serrano is in a nut shell?

i’m a writer. i live in houston. i like some things and don’t like some other things. i wear glasses. 

2.Next when did J. Cole hurt you? 

i’m sure i don’t know what you’re talking about.

3. What albums do you have in rotation right?

chance’s new one. cousin stizz’s from last year. missy elliott’s from the late ’90s.

4. And with that said, when (I’m just going to assume when) you do another edition or amendment to TRYB, what tracks from 2016 so far are going to get a mention?

the track that’s going to be the focus of that chapter will be “panda” because it’s going to be the point in time that people point back to in ten years and say, “that’s the moment when originality in rap music became an option that you no longer had to choose to become very successful and it was 100 percent okay.”

5. How has Twitter changed the way you interact with fans and the trajectory of your career and what’s your favorite part of that experience?

it just makes it easier to talk to people and make connections and make friends. it’s great. i love it. 

6. How does where you are today compare to when you hung up your teacher’s chalk for good and thought about where writing could take you?

it’s probably basically the same. 

7. And now that you’re “here,” can you pinpoint that holy shit/light goes on/alarms go off moment where you finally thought you could pull this off?

the exact moment was when i was in LA for the first time. it was at the grantland staff meeting for the then upcoming NBA season. i was sitting there in a room with some of the best and most exciting basketball writers in the country and i remember just being like, “oh, fuck. things ain’t gonna be the same after this if you play this right.” 

8. What made you use mobilize your twitter troops for Jonathan Abrams and his book?

i saw a picture of him where he was with his kid and he was smiling so big and bright and i just fell in love with him and decided i wanted to do everything i could do to help him. 

9. B(AOT) was the only thing out here making Tuesdays relevant, what’s your suggestion to cope with things wrapping up?

go buy a copy of my book. that’s literally the only thing you can do. don’t do anything else. if you already have it, buy it again. buy it every tuesday at 9 a.m. 

10. Hopefully with the newsletter done for season 1 that means you’ve got a new project in the works… any sneak peek into where Shea Serrano goes next?

i’m working on a basketball book. 

11. Last, but certainly not least, what words of advice do you have for everyone out there grinding whether for writing or otherwise. We’ve got no word limits over there, so lay it on all of us.

shoot your shot. 

luv u. 

Thanks again to Shea for giving us a minute of his time (dude responded faster to my emails than my mom does to my texts) during his travels today, we look forward to linking up with him in some capacity in the future and getting our hands on that new basketball book as soon as humanly possible.



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