Shia LaBeouf is at it again

image by Abazar Khayami/Vice

What’s Shia up to now? Hitchhiking up north, that’s what. And it’s all for the sake of #Art. He and two pals are tweeting their GPS coordinates at random locations, and waiting to get kidnapped by strangers on purpose. It’s odd, but Shia has done odder.

It’s for #TAKEMEANYWHERE, the latest in a chain of art projects. Remember #ALLMYMOVIES? You know, the story about Shia watching all his movies straight through, uninterrupted?



Other projects in his series included #TOUCHMYSOUL, where he gave out an actual phone number for people to reach him; and #IAMSORRY, where he let people stare at him in an art gallery.

While it is very #cool that Shia mingles with plainfolk, even if it’s for the sake of art, I do want to point out that jumping in strangers’ vehicles with no destination is sketchy behavior on any level.

Here are some fan photos of Shia from his voyage:

Shia, you good bro?

Shia LaBeouf, Master of “sketch face”

Keep on trucking, Shia.





p.s. If my name were Shia, I would totally get a tattoo of a Shy Guy.



They’re just s’dang cute.


Thanks to City Pages



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