Poké-Walk Results In Cute Pup Rescue

By now you either love or hate Pokémon Go, the latest data-stealing, time-wasting app trend. You’ve probably been banned from playing at work, but not before you caught a Koffing in your buddy Craig’s office.

poke office.png

Y’know. Office stuff.

Many criticize the game, but playing it has a really cool side effect: going outside.

Two women in Texas ordered a pizza, then tried to squeeze in a quick Poké-walk* to a nearby park. (*Poké-walk, noun: When you and a pal meander around the block in search of #rare virtual pocket creatures)

At the park, the women got a notification that a Jigglypuff was nearby.



While they followed its virtual trial, they found an injured puppy next to a tree. He was in a trash bag with a bleeding mouth and a visibly broken leg. But remember the pizza guy? He was at their doorstep waiting while they were out chasing Pokémon. So he calls the woman who ordered the pie, and she explains the puppy situation. Turns out the pizza guy recently became a certified EMT. He whipped over to the park and calmed the pup down before taking it to Lone Star Veterinary Clinic in Lufkin, Texas.

The pup is now awaiting surgery to fix his broken legs. A GoFundMe page has surpassed its $2,000  goal to cover Pokey’s surgery, after which he will be up for adoption. Yes, the women who discovered the dog named him Pokey, after the Pokémon Go app. Brilliant.

KXXV-TV News had the original a story on the rescue, which I recommend to those who like southern accents.




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