Go Ahead And Pumpkin Spice Your Life Up

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I noticed Dunkin Donuts is now bringing back pumpkin spice flavoring. I thought this was important enough to announce, but after I told the room about my excitement, I was mercilessly ripped apart for being “the most basic person they have ever met.”

I was roasted for at least a half an hour after.


my friends vs. me

I mean c’mon that’s a bit harsh if you ask me. The most basic person you’ve ever met? All over a flavor? This hit me on a personal level and caught me off guard. I even sulked for a day or two before realizing something very important.

I’m not basic. I’m just a seasonal person.

I’m that guy that buys different color Oreos throughout the year. I buy Christmas flavored anything, and don’t even get me started on how fast I jump on the McRib train when that comes to town. I’m the sucker for limited time merchandise, like when Miller had wide mouth cans. I bought a 30 rack and poured each can into a glass just to see how smooth it really came out.

It’s obvious that I’m not alone. Michael Lynn from Cornell University released a study on what is formally known as the “Commodity Theory.” The theory deals with the psychological effects of scarcity and states that “any commodity will be valued to the extent that it is unavailable.”

Which simply means that some brains, like my own, jump on the idea of things being limited which makes us more desired to purchase.


So I am by no means basic and I can’t say it enough. Basic is saying “like” in between every word in a sentence. Basic is buying the Kylie Jenner lip kit. Basic is putting Greek letters in your bio’s on Instagram and Twitter. Basic is taking a picture with your friends in front of your tapestry in your dorm room with the caption “squad”.

So don’t let anyone get you down and I know I’m not alone out there. This article goes out to all the people that enjoy seasonal things and get torn apart by their friends. You’re not basic, not by a long shot. You just enjoy the finer and limited time things in life. So get out there and spice your life up.



How do you feel?

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