Stephen King is Back With TWO New Movies

Kingis back in the movies this year with something to prove. After his last round of cinema releases, supernatural horror Carrie (2014) and action thriller Big Driver (2014) seeing underwhelming critical and commercialsuccess,Stephen King is coming out of the storm drain once again with guns blazing.

This time he’s bringingone of his most popular book franchises to life and another back from the dead.

We learned early last year that his most famous book-to-film adaptation It was getting a reboot, havingalreadyfinished production and given aSeptember release date.Now we’ve gota new trailer and release date foranother highly anticipated adaptationThe Dark Tower.

This past week’s reveal trailer has excited critics and audiencesalike as we gota taste ofthe film’s leading stars Idris Elba (The Gunslinger) and Matthew Mcconaughey (The Man in Black) going head to head in a battle to save Earth from falling into a dystopian alternate reality.

While mixed feelings have risen from fans of the original novels, general movie going audiences should expect nothing short of amazing. With a $200 million plus budget, Sony Pictures behind the books, Niklaj Arcel directing (writer of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and a flawless story arch tofollow, what could go wrong? (knock on wood).

I believethat Idris and Matt together could carry any turd sandwich of a movieto at least acceptable standards so I think we’re safe in this department.

You can see The Dark Tower in theaters August 4th andIt the following month on September 8th. Somark you calendarsand brush up on your candy smuggling skills, Stephen King’s got some movies coming out that you won’t want to miss. At the very least it will hold us over until Star Wars in December.

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