The Ball Family is Getting Their Own Reality Show…on Facebook

In the sports world, the celebrities are more often than not the players themselves. For the Ball family, that’s just a little different. LaVar Ball, the father to the extremely talented Ball sons, has taken over the family spotlight with his outgoing (that’s one way to put it) personality and ridiculous claims made to every member of the media who will listen. In case you’re unaware, he’s said things like:

“Me and my four boys are the only people in the world who can dunk from half court.”

“Back in my heyday, I would KILL Michael Jordan in one-on-one.”

“We already got our own brand. Triple B’s. Lonzo is going to be the first one drafted with his own brand. That don’t happen.”

“I’ll tell you right now, [Lonzo]’s better than Steph Curry to me.”



So, what do you do when someone so outrageous can’t get out of his own way and let his boys be boys and rise to fame on their own? You give them a reality television show.

Introducing, ‘Ball in the Family’

For all of us who have watched the endless supply of trashy reality shows our American culture offers, you’d naturally think this show would be the perfect series for VH1 or E! Network. But with its world takeover planned for a date to-be-announced, Facebook was able to land this primetime ticket to air ‘Ball in the Family’ exclusively on its newest offering, Facebook Watch.

Facebook watch is a new streaming service offered by Facebook that just launched this week. It has a social component to it, to allow users to find out what their friends are watching, and allows them to initiate conversations with other people watching the show during an episode. They’ll team up with larger networks to stream their content –from reality shows to live sports, and also rely on content creators to produce original bits for Facebook to stream.

To produce ‘Ball in the Family’, they’ve teamed up with Bunim/Murray Productions, the team behind the scenes of shows like The Real World, Road Rules, and Keeping up With The Kardashians. Now they’ll welcome Big Baller LaVar into their massively popular lineup.

So now that you have the scoop, are you ready for a hot take? I mean that’s the whole reason why we go Two Buttons Deep.

This drives me nuts! Stupid people famous like LaVar, he’s a wanna-be hot shot and the media gives him the attention he thrives off of. “Fans” or just general consumers of sports news laugh at every comment, share all the memes and follow along with any new antics. He’s obviously somewhat of a genius as he what he’s doing, so he continues to say even more stupid shit while having every sports show wanting to have him on so their ratings skyrocket.

I did watch the trailer for their show, and it looks exactly what you’d think it would be…outrageous. All I can say to the Los Angeles Lakers is good luck with this circus that’s about to perform at the Staples Center. But hey, what better organization to handle this than the Lakers? They’ve already dealt with the Kardashians out there in Hollywood and the various NBA player relationships they’ve had.

So, am I going to keep up with ‘Ball in the Family’ now that the first episode has aired on Facebook already? Chances are I won’t, but I’ll sure hear all about it every time I turn on ESPN for the foreseeable future.

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