Jake Paul Rescuing Houston Flood Victims On A Jetski – Is It Enough For The Internet To Forgive Him?

The people who know of Jake Paul were made aware of what type of guy we had on our hands in July 2017 after the cops were called on his Hollywood home for general excessiveness.

For those who don’t know Jake, he’s a 19-year-old living a cooler life than all of us after cashing in as a rising celeb from the now-defunct Vine app, and now boasts over 10 million subscribers on YouTube as well as a brief stint on the Disney Channel along the way. Paul, along with his suddenly rich internet friends, all went in on a home to live together and operate their new social media label, Team 10.

It’s all fun and games until you realize they moved into a peaceful upper-class suburban neighborhood and the families around his house have no time for his shenanigans.

Like lighting couches on fire, jumping from rooftops, and having a constant stream of fangirls swarming the property since they decided to put the address smack-dab on their website.

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For a few days the kid was trending across the www with outlets from left to right bashing him for being a piece of shit teen. Did it affect him? Doubtful. The kid runs on social media which runs on attention and in the eyes of him, no such thing as bad press.

Anyways, I’m not here to pounce on the kid because I’m low-key jealous of his life, but rather to ask an important question. Is this recent act of kindness enough for the internet to forgive Jake Paul? The answer should be no, but it probably is a yes. 

Jake took his bad PR hit and swindled it right around in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Him and his team set out on a roadtrip from LA to Texas to show the world he ain’t so bad of a guy after all.

The first checkpoint was a pitstop in San Antonio. He tweeted to his 2.2 million followers to meet him and his team at Wal-Mart to collect donations. They rented a couple U-Hauls and asked for water and diapers and other things people needed at the shelters. They ended up filling up both trucks and accumulated over 33,000 lbs. of supplies. They dropped those off at the San Antonio Food Bank for the people who had been relocated there from Houston.


But that wasn’t the end of his J.P comeback.

The team continued on to Houston, where they rented a couple Sea-Doos and spent days on end living at one of his fan’s (parents) house while rescuing people and puppies from treacherous conditions.

Is this enough good for the internet to forgive Jake Paul? In the age of Donald Trump, an era of “cover up yesterdays mess with a new one today” I’m gonna say absolutely. The internet has forgiven you Jake.

Now, did he have to film this all to turn into videos to profit off of? Welp, you can take a douche out of L.A., but you can’t take the L.A. out of a douche. 

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