Bryce Harper Gets Corn Rows To Ensure We Will Never Stop Talking About His Hair

I’m a girl, so in the most stereotypical way possible, I obviously love sports famous, attractive male athletes. There’s so many heartthrobs to pick from, but Bryce Harper (although married) usually remains on the list for us 20-somethings who can relate to his age, frequent young adult outbursts and the need to change up your look to keep things fresh and fun. Maybe the last one’s just me, but….


He’s been admired for his beautiful hair ever since he was drafted No. 1 overall by the Nationals in 2010. Oh, young Bryce was so innocent back then. But now it’s been nearly a decade and the dude has remained in the spotlight with his fair share of controversies and more importantly, different hairstyles. Just to recap:

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His most recent one is what’s shaking up the internet, though: corn rows.

I mean, I guess life on the DL can get a little boring. And with all that time spent off the field, he definitely has time to sit in the chair at the hair salon long enough to make this happen. Maybe he needs a break from the long, flowy locks? Sick of spending so much money on shampoo and hair products? Idk, man. You do you.


Why would someone with such beautiful, luscious hair get CORN ROWS? No, it’s not a clown question!!! But Twitter did as Twitter does and reacted with some love, some hate and overall, a lot of confusion.

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While like a solid quarter of men I know are nearing baldness within the next three to five years of their life, this guy with a lion’s mane is going out there and suffocating his hair into tiny braids that most people use to show off to their friends that they went to Atlantis on a family vacation.

I mean, I did it, so if you’re calling Bryce trendy and/or cool…I totally feel that vibe.


But in typical celeb fashion, Bryce’s new hairstyle might just be another subtle trick to keep the media’s eyes on him while he’s not on the field, and by the time he’s spiraled out of fame, we’ll all still be talking about Bryce Harper’s hair.

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