5 People Who Are Handling This Bomb Cyclone Like A Champion

The news has been going BONKERS about this bomb cyclone….is it that big of a deal though? It sounds like we have lot of snow all at once making it hard to drive places? Sounds like a snow day to me. No need to give it any fancy names. News stations are just looking for a buzz, and they did just that.

Not all are fooled by the temptations of meteorologists. When told to stock up the shelter in your basement and prepare for an Ice Age, some people laugh it off and carry on with their daily tasks regardless. Sometimes they end up on the fail lists, but sometimes they end up looking swagger than ever.

Here are the top 5 from this weekend:

#1: This Guy

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Meanwhile in Philly…

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This isn’t something this dude just whipped up with his family’s husky. This guy was PREPPED for this with that quad bike, a quike? I don’t know when the hell else you’d ever use that, but it’s perfect right now. But then again, Philly is a pretty peculiar place, maybe this is their alternative to the subway? Who knows….

#2. This Dog

This dog knows that you can have fun with physics. Why do I feel like border collies are the most underrated dog in the world? Every time I see a dog doing something incredibly cool like this, it’s a BC. Her name is Secret though? Weird. Not her fault. But weird.

3. This Bro

Is that Michael Scott? Somebody going to close the deal, nonetheless. I am a huge fan of convertibles and even more so when the weather doesn’t call for them. Throw on a jacket and go on with it, blast the heat if you need it. Nothing a little water should stop you from doing…

Don’t quote me on that.

#4 This Guy

I’m gonna completely ignore the fact that this dude is dancing to Bruno Mars & Cardi B’s new song “Finesse” which sounds more than less like a Nickelodeon theme song. Hate me for it. But then again there are something about Bruno Mars songs that when they first come out, I hate em, I turn my cheek. But then after I hear it for the nth time (since he owns the radio and everything) I slowly begin to like it. Is Bruno Mars Jesus? I really don’t know.

#5 This Snowmobiler

Who are the only people THRIVING in this bomb cyclone???? Snowmobilers. It’s their paradise. How do snowmobilers get to the trails they desire? Cars. What do they do if said car doesn’t have a trailer for said snowmobile? Throw it atop their god damn Ford Focus. Pictured here entering Queensbury, this legend drove over 100 miles and wasn’t pulled over once, nor did his makeshift thule let him down (but maybe a few scratches).

What a weekend though, it’s just getting started. I currently have my Dad’s A6 Audi since my car Lorraine (not as nice) is in the shop. So I spent my day doing donuts in the parking lot staying the hell off the streets I’m too poor to even replace a light on that thing. Good luck this weekend, people.



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