Golden Globes: The All Black Red Carpet Was a Bit of a Snooze Fest

Prior to the first major Hollywood awards show of the year, the media hinted at the fact that some celebrities would be wearing black on the Golden Globes red carpet. They planned to do this to stand in solidarity with the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment and violence against women in the workplace. (Now, it’s actually called ‘Time’s Up.’)

I’m all for bringing awareness as your plus one to such a high profile event, especially for an issue as widespread and out of control as this one. But, as a fashionista, I latched onto the word “some” —assuming some would wear black, and some would dress as usual for the sake of fashion and for the designers who pride themselves on providing celebs with stunning red carpet looks. And I’m not saying you can’t look stunning in black (these two are pretty great below).

But as I hopped on the couch with my cup of tea at 6PM for what I’d call the best part of the show, there was an immediate buzzkill when the camera panned out to the widest angle of the scene. Everyone, I mean everyone…was wearing black.

I get it! I’m not saying I don’t get it! But the all black looks were booooooooooooooring as whole. Of course there’s variation in style, silhouette, etc. but without color on the carpet, the show really did adopt that dark, monochromatic look that the end to the movement and the start of change signifies. Goal achieved.

But here’s my take: Regardless of what these stars wore, #MeToo was going to be the star of the show. It would’ve been the focal point of the opening monologue and every acceptance speech of the evening.

My attention span had completely dropped off by the third pre-show interview because the fashions overall left much to be desired. And whether you care about fashion or not, it’s a huge part of the awards show season. Some might say I’m behind the times and need to get on the train of banning the phrase, “Who are you wearing?” but like, no.

Side note: I can give some shout outs to the celebs who did kill it in all black last night, and the one person who didn’t…this chick Blanca Blanco (below). Is she even famous? Not sure. Did she miss the memo? She got the memo but she completely ignored it.

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the all black, if I were on the guest list you better believe I would be playing along and following the suggested dress code. This chick is sure to crash and burn after this mega, barely-there fashion NO.


And to end on a good note, two of my favorites despite the all-black boredom:

So, now that we’ve got this out of our system, I do look forward to a full color palette next time around. We’ve got the Critic’s Choice Awards January 11, Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) January 21 and The Grammys on January 28.

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