I Got YouTube TV and Yeah You Can Pretty Much Expect for Cable Boxes to be Extinct in a Year or so

I am by no means well in tune with the digital streaming world. I do internet stuff, that’s it. The only gaming system I own is an N64 and I think I still have a Netflix account because I haven’t cancelled it yet. I think the streaming world has become such a saturated market –these Roku’s and Noku’s and Apple TVs confuse me. What do they really do? I haven’t an idea, but I don’t mess with ’em. I’ve got my internet and TV and I’ve been happy paying a comfortable price. Until I saw an advertisement for YouTube TV. Then another. And then another.

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$35/month for TV? To my computer, phone or tablet? Hmmmm. Seemed too good to be true. I pushed it to the back of my mind and carried on watching regular television. Then a YouTube TV ad came on to my god damn TV, they’re tracking me (it is Google after all so that’s not news), but then they roped me in with ease with a 7-day free trial. Now literally nothing could go wrong, except for me hating it and then forgetting to cancel my card, the same reason I still have Netflix.

I did zero research, I just dove in head first and found it to be a medium-whelming experience. Which is good. I don’t want too many options, I don’t want too little. I pretty much knew what I was doing right from the get-go and I’ll put it like this: I haven’t touched my regular TV since. In fact, I’m calling up Spectrum today to cancel it.


The Pros:

  1. The price, $35 no contract or termination fee. You won’t beat that. I currently have the best bundle through Spectrum and I still pay close to double that just for TV.
  2. It has all the channels I want and need. All the local affiliates, ESPN, AMC, FX, Nat Geo, plus all the garbage TV you could ever want on E! and Bravo. You also have the option to tack on Showtime, Fox Sports 1 and a few others for an additional price.
  3. Unlimited DVR. That’s right, you can record as many shows as you want, they’re all stored in a cloud and you’ll never need to decide which show you want to record at one time ever again, which might just possibly be one of the most relevant first world problems in America today.
  4. You can watch live TV anywhere. Your laptop, phone or tablet, your account gets picked up anywhere you are with internet and your DVR is right there too, can’t beat that level of convenience
  5. You can split your account with 6 other people. This is like legalized Netflix, you can share you account with 6 other people who all get their own respective logins. If you legit go in on this with 6 people monthly you are officially paying $5.83 for television monthly. Welcome to 2018.
  6. It has a full library of movies and documentaries. It has all recent Hollywood blockbusters (for better or for worse) available and it’s soon bringing on all seasons of Planet Earth, so I’m set. They’re lookin’ at you, Netflix.
  7. No more looking for the god damn remote. I HATE remotes. I hate them because I need them more than I really need them, does that make sense? I will spend 5 minutes searching around the living room to find the remote before I touch the real buttons on the TV to adjust it to my liking. Everything about the remote causes stress, anxiety and the detriment to friendships.

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Now I’d be lying if there weren’t a few things holding me back from telling the world to ditch the box and hop aboard, so I now present,

The Cons:

  1. It may not have all the stations you may want. If you’re a sucker for CNN, the Discovery Channel or Comedy Central. I’m sorry. I’m also sorry because they aren’t yet available on YouTube TV. Also, only in the Albany market, ABC is not available yet, which is very minor blow to me, but a blow nonetheless. I still have my Today Show and late night TV (sorry Kimmel), so I’m set.
  2. It’s a new service, so there are kinks to work out. I guess this could be a positive. The service originally launched earlier last year in four main markets, and it’s now available in 83 markets across the United States. So they’re growing and learning, but it’s still a new service and we are the guinea pigs. So far, life ain’t so bad from down here.
  3. You lose the classic television watching experience. No more sitting down with your favorite drink (whether it be coffee or post-dinner beer) to soak in the news. You can do that at your desk or even right at the dinner table for petes sake. For better or for worse, it’s shaking up the way Americans do television, a staple to kicking back and relaxing.
  4. You get Youtube Red Original Series. Fight me if you think this is a positive. There is nothing good on YouTube Red. May it be as good as Netlflix originals one day? Sure. But for now, it remains as a con.
  5. It has the Big Bang Theory. The worst show on television. I hate The Big Bang Theory more than I hate remotes. It is FLABBERGASTING how this show is the #1 sitcom. It STINKS!!!!!

So that’s a wrap. YouTube TV is nothing but a glimpse into the future. If you don’t get with it now, you’ll get with it eventually once the cable companies crumble. Of course this is yet another outlet for Google to to absorb every piece of data they can about you, which is why their services are so cheap, but hey, welcome to 2018. 

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