I am Now Accepting Bets for the Name of Kim and Kanye’s New Baby

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The Kardashian pregnancy rumors have been taking up a lot of my time lately –I think at least half the world is still wondering which of the sisters is actually pregnant and which one just randomly fell off the face of the earth (cough: Kylie).

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Like, this is a real thing I’ve had to Google.

But luckily, Kim K. has been very open about her pregnancy via surrogate and just announced today her brand new baby girl arrived happy and healthy. In a post on her app, Kim thanked the surrogate and all of the doctors who helped deliver the newest addition to the Kardashian-West clan, joining toddlers North and Saint.

First of all, how INSANE would it be to be a surrogate in general, let alone the surrogate of the American Royal Family two huge stars like Kim and Kanye. You must live in constant fear, no? But you’re also making bank and probably eating every meal from a top-tier private chef and doing funky yoga workouts to help your breathing, stress, etc. My one request if I were Kim’s surrogate, though, would have to be having full access to her closet during the pregnancy. I’d want to look fly as all hell carrying that famous baby! I think I need to get a physical and see if I could be a celeb surrogate for a living…BRB.

Anyway, now that this little chick has made her appearance into this ridiculous world AKA 2018, we’re also dying to know what her name is. North and Saint aren’t too traditional, but they’re not too crazy either compared to Hollywood’s other offspring like the Apple’s and Blanket’s out there.


Plus, we all totally called North’s name anyway, North West was too obvious. So who is baby #3 going to be? Here are my guesses, and I need to hear yours too, so give @twobuttonsdeep a shout.

Kim and Kanye’s newest baby will be:

Paris (JK. too soon, too soon)






Wild Wild (not an original suggestion, Twitter had a fun with that one)

Also, back to the surrogate thing: We can’t forget to mention the theory out there is that little sister Kylie, who also at some point announced she was pregnant but then was never to be seen again, is actually Kim’s surrogate. So that’s just another reason why the anxiety is REAL for those who do keep up with the K’s. We want scoop!

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