Late Night In The Morning – Trump’s Fake News Awards

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Late Night In The Morning is 2BD’s daily service delivering the best clip from late night television every morning so you can enjoy your beauty rest without missing out on the laughs.

Today: Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show/NBC) hosted the fake Fake News Awards, as President Trump sets up to host the real Fake News Awards today.

Trump tweeted he would host the Fake News Media Awards last Monday. But then he switched it to today, January 17.

Last night Fallon beat him to the punch with the fake Fake News Awards which was definitely real, unlike the fake news, which is actually going to have a real awards ceremony for them being so fake.

Anyway, Fallon’s version was more than less a preview, rather than satire, of what is to come. Just with a much better looking Melania and they even somehow got the real Betsy Devos.

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