Late Night in the Morning – People of Haiti Roast Donald Trump

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Today: Conan (Conan, TBS) debuts a premier of his “Conan In Haiti” special.

Conan is one host who traditionally stays away from politics, but like pretty much everyone else in America, was rattled by Trump’s questionably racist remarks about Haiti and other “shithole” countries.

Conan packed his bags and immediately went to Haiti to film a special episode of his show under the Conan Without Borders banner.

“President Trump insulted Haiti, so I thought it was only fair to give Haitians a chance to return the favor,” O’Brien says in a voiceover before allowing the people of Haiti to deliver punchlines at the president’s expense.


The #ConanHaiti special premieres Jan. 27th on TBS. Now, will he actually leave a tourist-friendly market and document the depths of the country, or did he just skim through the safe parts and call it a day….time will tell.

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