Late Night in the Morning — a Conversation With the Man Who Was NAILED by a Train While Taking a Selfie

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Today: Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC) talked to the man who was nailed by a train while taking a selfie.

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I didn’t realize this video was gonna be my alarm clock. WHOA! I mean, I browse through the late night line-up every morning trying to find you guys the one gem of a video clip to get your morning started, but this one will certainly wake you up quicker than coffee or anything else we’ve posted this week.

Today’s clip had me doing a little research because I was so shocked that someone could ever do what they did. Said research taught me a fun(?) fact. Did you know India has the most selfie-related deaths each year? Which, by the way, is a disastrous category of human elimination. But that’s life, I suppose.

One Indian man almost entered the afterlife while taking a selfie in front of a moving train, a video selfie nonetheless, so maybe a suicide video? That’s a little dark, dude. He was smiling the whole time so maybe he thought it was a picture but accidentally hit video…common mistake. Anyways, as you can imagine it didn’t go so well for the guy.

Watch Jimmy catch up with that man from his hospital bed:

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