Late Night in the Morning – Stormy Daniels Interview

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Today: Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC) hosted porn star Stormy Daniels who is in hot water with recent allegations regarding her and the President.

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For the first time ever, you can search Stormy Daniels on your work computer. For weeks she has been in circulation about an alleged affair with Trump while he was with his current wife, Melania. Reports say she received $130,000 as hush money (or an NDA.) This is basically a tell-all interview without her really telling anything because, well, she signed an NDA, which she couldn’t admit whether she did or not. So yeah, she signed an NDA.

Jimmy brings Stormy through the ropes of the transcripts circulating the web for her to confirm or deny, lines up an array of differently sized carrots for her to choose from, and plays a revealing game of “never have I ever.”

Yup, she did it. 

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