You Officially Can’t Hide From Leaked Super Bowl Commercials Before the Big Game


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I wanted to title this, “How to Strategically Hide from Super Bowl Commercials Before the Big Game,” but I can’t because there is literally no way to do it.

I’m considering this post as a cry for help because I can’t seem to watch my favorite morning show (sorry, TODAY) or flip around trash TV channels without seeing 2018’s best Super Bowl commercials. But, the Super Bowl hasn’t even happened yet.

Was this a thing even 5 years ago? No. The “thing” of the past was yelling at everyone attending your Super Bowl party in between quarters or timeouts. You begged them to shut up so you could watch the highly-anticipated commercials in complete silence.


Why did you need to watch the commercials? Some people think the most important part is the stuff that happens when the clock is running. Nope. Watching commercials is essential to prepare yourself for a full hungover Monday of office small talk surrounding the biggest triumphs and letdowns of super expensive advertising.

Plus, super expensive advertising is intriguing and cool –especially if you’re at all interested in marketing. In 2017, the average 30-second spot cost around $5 million, AKA $166,667 per second. Brands pull out all the stops to make commercials memorable for that small sliver of coveted airtime –leading to lots of brand recognition and converting us viewers into customers of the products who can afford to be in front of our eyeballs.

But that’s not my point here since most of us know all of that stuff. The only reason we do, though, is because we’ve been trained to watch the commercials as they’re airing, NOT an entire week or two before the event. But alas, the digital age wins again. Brands (like us) used to love the big, highly-anticipated reveal, but by airing the commercials early gives the pricy spots frequency (the amount of times someone needs to see an ad before they remember or respond to it) and perhaps makes people more aware to tune in and watch it in the moment.

I’m just whining here! I think this ruins some of the excitement for the non-sports fans out there who are at the party for for the half time show, commercials and Buffalo chicken dip. Sports fans don’t know who’s going to win the game, so why do the rest of us get our favorite surprises spoiled?

So, how can we avoid these early commercial airings? Can we? As far as I know, there is no playbook for how to do that…besides covering our eyes and doing the LALALA trick that never actually works.


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