Late Night in the Morning – A Songversation Between Jimmy and Justin

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Today: Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show/NBC) hosted Justin Timberlake in a special live show in Minneapolis after the Super Bowl. Of course Justin was already in town since he headlined the half time performance solo, throwing out all of our hopes and dreams of an *NSYNC or Janet Jackson reunion. But whatever, late night television fans got over it quickly because, well, there’s nothing better than these two in a room together.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.36.36 AM

There isn’t a bromance on Earth that I’m more jealous of than J&J, I’m just gonna put that out there. I have dreams about them welcoming a third J to the squad (me) and we continue to make killer content for the world to love and I, too, become rich and famous. Is that too much to ask? Until then, I will admire from afar and feature their bits on LNIM until my card is called.

Here are the bloopers:

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