Adam Devine was Hit by a Cement Truck as a Kid Which Made him Wheelchair-Bound for 2 Years and That’s How He Got Into Comedy


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Today: Stephen Colbert hosts actor and comedian Adam Devine.

Adam was on The Late Show to pitch his new movie Game Over, Man which is a movie about him the Workaholics gang as hotel maids who prevent a terrorist attack from happening…Which sounds absolutely awful, but then again, so do most plots in the comedy genre.

Stephen ques Adam to talk about what sparked his love for comedy, and like most comedians, it came from tragedy.

Adam was hit by a cement truck as an 11-year-old and was wheelchair-bound for over 2 years, which is just not a good way to be a child. But he said he made the most of it by calling into radio stations and doing impersonations to entertain himself, and that’s where he began creating characters and finding his creative voice.

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