Has My Internet Fame Reached its Peak With This Miller Lite Instagram Post?

No. Because this photo, to my complete surprise, is NOT a photo of me.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 7.42.05 AM

I was having a typical Friday night, sitting on the couch with a Miller Lite watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and scrolling the Two Buttons Deep Instagram feed when I saw this photo and audibly gasped.


At first, I was a little excited. Seriously, I thought this was me. At a quick glance, this looks JUST LIKE ME???? And it obviously made even more sense since this is a post for my favorite beer who I have, on multiple occasions, begged asked to sponsor me, their biggest fan.

Listen, I don’t really have the look where people come up to me in public and tell me which celebrity I am “twinning” with. If anything, it’s that my baby pictures resemble the Olsen twins during their time on Full House, and I don’t even know if that’s a compliment.

So, I’m not used to feeling like I have a doppelgänger out there in the world…until now.

Still confused, I examined the picture a little more and started coming back down to Earth knowing Miller Lite did not choose me as their newest Instagram model.

The dead giveaway was that I would NEVER wear royal blue nail polish or wear reflective sunglasses like these. But hey, those could’ve been photoshopped on for the sake of marketing…

I’m still not over how much this looks like me, though. And it’s authentic, because you know when people tell you that you look like someone and you’re like, “Yeah, I can see it” but you really can’t and you know they are just totally lying/don’t really know what you look like after all? Well this is the reverse of that because I am telling myself I look exactly like this other person therefore, I don’t need to be convinced at all. It just feels real.

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 7.41.41 AM

I did find the girl who ML actually borrowed the photo from (they tagged her), and shockingly we look nothing alike IRL. Her name is Becca and she only has about 450 followers, so I’m not going to put her on blast since she’s not my actual twin. That would have to be saved for an episode on Megyn Kelly Today or something like that. And for the record, this picture of her looks nothing like her. Which is also suspicious…

The takeaway is that I still think I was ML’s inspiration for sourcing this pic from another female, domestic beer fan since Miller Lite has slid into my DMs before, NBD. This is just a sign that my time is coming with this brand –they are starting to know me, they are starting to want me as much as I want them on a breezy summer night.

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