Is David Leavitt The Worst Person on the Internet? An Investigative Report

It’s been a very sad week, that’s not news. Many notable people who “have it all” have taken their own lives and it leaves us all with many questions we’ll never really have an answer to. We’re left to reflect on our own lives and wonder what truly matters, and as Marko said, reach out to those who matter to you and ask them how they are doing.

There’s no right way to handle death, but there is definitely a wrong way. Enter David Leavitt, an internet writer and social media addict who has stirred a small pot on the internet (again) after what may be the stupidest way to acknowledge someone’s suicide.

First of all, let’s just assess the fact that this tweet has 50 retweets and over FIVE THOUSAND replies. It doesn’t take a social media savvy person to understand that the world hates this dude, and that’s for good reason. He’s a schmuck taking a victory lap after Bourdain’s reported suicide. This is the kind of guy who probably shouldn’t head out in public for the next few months. But by the looks of his social media presence (he has liked over 1.5 million tweets) I’m gonna assume he doesn’t get out much to begin with.†

Now, why was Anthony Bourdain calling David out in the first place with such profane language in May of 2017? Well, when it rains it pours, as Anthony’s tweet was in response to the last time the internet attempted to put David in his place after yet another massively insensitive tweet.


You can’t make this up. This dude is so thirsty for attention he’s capitalizing on prominent deaths in hopes to gather a small audience on his virtual page. It’s as pathetic as it is enraging.

Guess what he followed up his Bourdain tweet with? Not an apology, or an acknowledgment that he was hacked, nope. He offered a $50 gift card to those who RT and follow his account.


I absolutely am dumbfounded that people can be as shallow as David Leavitt. Thank god he’s dumb enough to list where he’s “employed” as a freelance writer as the world is doing it’s poetic justice of making sure this kind never gets, or writes, a lick of positive press again.

So, is David Leavitt the worst person on the internet?†Today, he may certainly could be. But overall, I’d say no, I’ve seen what’s on Reddit, there are worse. I’d say he’s just another mediocre schmuck scraping the bottom of the barrel for attention. But let’s just remember this face just in case you see him in public and you’re in the mood for a little schadenfreude.


P.S. Just to emphasize how thirsty this guy is for internet attention. He has posted the SAME stolen joke to twitter on four different occasions.†david tweets.jpg

Actually sad. Actually might be the worst.†

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