Of Course I Watched the Kardashians on Celebrity Family Feud

It’s literally impossible not to Keep Up with the Kardashians. I mean just based on the sheer number of them alone, statistically speaking there’s at least one or two of them that you can keep up with no matter what. Kendall’s a model walking runways and gracing magazine covers, Kim is married to the president’s new BFF, I mean they’re just everywhere, all the time.


So, when the Kardashian squad got together in one place to face the West family in an episode of Celebrity Family Feud, the internet also got together to admit this episode of television is the perfect guilty pleasure for a Sunday night, and so we watched.

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We all know Steve Harvey is entertaining on his own, but when you add in the Kardashians VS. the West’s things definitely got more interesting. Reason #1 being that other than the Kardashian/Jenner’s and Kanye & Kim, everyone was like, WTF? when it came to the other members of each squad. On the Kardashian side, there were some familiar faces MJ (Kris’ mom) and Jonathan (holy botox, baby!) but on Kanye’s side he had his cousins which obviously none of us would have been able to recognize.

The previews and highlight reels will tell you that there was some tension during the episode and some extra competition between the two sides, but my biggest takeaway was that the majority of the contestants had TERRIBLE answers! Especially Kim.

The first challenge was a question like, “Why do people think Steve Harvey would be a good kisser?” which got some laughs, and Kanye started the round off with a heater by saying it’s obviously because of his lips. Good answer, OK Kanye. It was #1 on the list.

But then, when it was Kim’s turn, she said….”Because Steve Harvey is tall?” saying it just like she was asking a question AKA no confidence in her answer whatsoever.


Sometimes I do have to wonder if there’s more going on with this clan than just a bunch of pretty faces. I know they’re business moguls with a team of brilliant people behind them, but the answers on either side of the TV set did not impress me.

Of course it’s not like all of us on Twitter live and die for this type of entertainment (even though one Tweet did say it was literally giving them life), but the point is that it’s fun to see them in a totally different setting than a red carpet or when the cameras are rolling in the comfort of their own home.

This episode was filmed before Khloe gave birth to baby True and before Kanye went on a two-week bender of bizarre tweets / became friends with the president, so a lot has changed but the entertainment value was still there. Am I proud that I dedicated an hour of my evening to giving this clan more fame? I mean, whatever. I think it actually made me feel better about the answers I would give if I ever make it on the show someday…

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