Soft Serve Review – Jim’s Tastee Freez

This summer Iím hitting up all the popular soft serve joints around Upstate, New York.†I judge their small twist with three crucial categories of criteria:†the size, durability, and taste. With that Iíll give you a bulletproof score of 1-10, so you can know which joints are good and which ones are phony.

For this review I hit up the notable Jim’s Tastee Freez. A staple over in Delmar/Bethlehem since 1963. I said it’s in Bethlehem in the review, but it’s technically Delmar, but I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing.

The ice cream was very good though, I would lick again.

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  1. Nate Hill

    You should go to Martha’s in Lake George, and Rob and Deb’s Frozen Dreams in Hudson Falls while you’re up there!


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