An Unpopular Opinion: Trump’s Meeting with Kim Jong Un Deserves a Little Credit That No One Will Give Him

What Iím about to say is going to be controversial, but I don’t know if it really should be. My take is simply about a man, that in the eyes of many American people, can do no right.

Iím pretty sure if President Trump cured cancer it would somehow get spun into a negative light. Iím not saying I wholeheartedly agree with everything he says or does, but can we just give this guy a little bit of credit? Apparently not.


The fact that President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un and signed an agreement pledging to work toward peace is monumental on an all-time level. When the dust clears years from now and all of the politics are put aside, I believe that this peace summit in Singapore will be a staple in the history books for the entire world. It could even be held in just as high of a regard as Ronald Reaganís Berlin Wall speech, which happened 31 years ago†(June 12th 1987).

President Reagan and Trump are similar in many ways. Both are highly unorthodox politicians, and both are take no B.S. kind of guys that ruffle the feathers of the establishment. The American public got sick of politics and wanted someone to turn the system upside down. And in my opinion, thatís what both men did and were voted in to do.


Photo: History News Network

Reagan effectively ended the Cold War when he used a nontraditional tactic and told the world that the United States had lasers on their satellites and could shoot any Soviet missiles out of the sky. That was coined…Star Wars. Anyway, the USSR was running out of money and could not call Reaganís bluff and the rest is history.

You canít really compare what Reagan did to Trump going to the Peace Summit, but to get Kim Jong-un to meet in Singapore speaks volumes. Even though a shot hasnít been fired in quite some time, these two countries are still technically at war.

They did however sign a Korean Armistice Agreement, but that was just a ceasefire agreement. North Korea announced a withdraw from the agreement at least six times with the latest time being in 2013.

The Korean Peninsula has been a hot bed of tensions with Kin Jong Unís nuclear program and the US participating with South Korea in war games (AKA war drills designed to simulate a real war). It looked for a while as it could have boiled over and caused a worldwide conflict. The fact that the Trump administration has taken major steps to diffuse the situation and help bring North Korea into the 21st century speaks volumes, but is already getting spun by the media into a dark light.

If you go to CNNís website, one of the very first headlines says, ďTrumpís new world order.Ē It claims that heís alienating allies and unsettling his predecessorsí work. Címon CNN, can we just give this thing a chance to simmer before we bash it? The guy is out here trying to diffuse a situation and you guys are already criticizing him.

All I’m saying is Trump is making strides, but no matter what he does there’s always backlash. I will now get off my soapbox.

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