Is Kidz Bop at SPAC the Concert of the Summer?


Kidz Bop belongs on every, “You know you were a 90s kid when…” list that the World Wide Web likes to circulate every so often as clickbait. But it’s true –these promotional commercials were iconic and always made you say, “WTF? Kidz Bop is still around?” when version 100 popped up on the screen with a 1-800 number to buy it.

This, in fact, still happens today since Kidz Bop is still around and is performing right here in the Capital Region at SPAC on June 15.

Every kid thought they were too ~*kool*~†for Kidz Bop because whatever you were bumpin’ on your lime green iPod Nano was the original version of the Top 40 songs and definitely had swears in it.

For some kids, the [EXPLICIT] sign was like a badge of honor, but of course there were parents out there who had every single Kidz Bop CD and taught their kids to be respectful by listening to clean music sung by a group of children who haven’t yet hit puberty. Those kids probably went to Harvard, but whatever.

ANYWAY, you’ve heard my stance on SPAC before, but something is telling me maybe we’ve just been snoozing on the concert of the summer all along. Kidz Bop has been around since 2001 and is STILL thriving, I mean if they keep going they could hit Rolling Stones territory here.

I think this concert is going to totally rock because hey, Kidz Bop knows their audience! Part of what makes summer concerts at SPAC so whacky is the sheer spectrum of people you get. We have people smoking illegal things, drinking way too much, making fashion faux pas that would give me a heart attack…but none of this is a worry at a Kidz Bop concert.


These kids are going to be HYPED to see other kids way more talented than perform some Top 40 hits on a nice summer evening. They get to stay up past their bedtime, eat some ice cream and dance the night away. There’s no worry about driving there with beer hidden in your trunk or sitting in traffic after the show (they’ll be asleep before leaving the parking lot), there will be no rowdiness or headlines the next day –I mean it’s literally a picture perfect way to enjoy a concert.

So, if you’re free on Friday night, you MIGHT want to get yourself a last minute babysitting gig and offer to take some kids up to Saratoga. I mean, if you don’t jam out to the Top 40 on a regular basis, you’re lying. You know these kids are gonna belt out some bangers.

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