USA/North America to Host the 2026 World Cup

This year is the first year since 1986 that the USA has not made it into the World Cup. It’s been a tough pill to swallow because I enjoy going all buttons deep with my vuvuzela in support of team USA during the cup. The other 99.9% of the past four years I couldn’t give much of a care about the sport, but there’s nothing like the World Cup and that’s why it’s tough.

It’s gonna suck knowing the world is completely invested in a competition I have no skin in the game of. But there’s a little silver lining that will heal our wounds of this absence. USA* will be hosting the 2026 World Cup.


(NYT) MOSCOW — A combined bid from the United States, Mexico and Canada won the hosting rights for soccer’s 2026 World Cup on Wednesday, bringing the tournament to North America for the first time since the 1994 event on a pledge of record crowds, record revenues and, perhaps crucially, a record $11 billion in profits for FIFA, world soccer’s governing body.

The North American bid defeated its only challenger, Morocco, by a vote of 134-65.

“Thank you for the incredible privilege,” U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro told the FIFA members in a short speech after the vote, adding, “Football today is the only victor.”

First of all, football is definitely NOT the only victor of this decision. It’s clearly FIFA’s w as well as they are gonna pull 11 BILLION in one month. Jesus Christmas that’s a lot of money for those who don’t know math. FIFA has been pretty much been exposed in and out of their corrupt desire to funnel an incredible amount of money out of countries hosting to them leave them in the dust when the competition ends. But like most conglomerates, what’re you gonna do about it? Nothing? Nothing.

The 2026 World Cup will be played all across North America, with 10 matches being played in Canada, 10 in Mexico and 60 in the USA. It’s obvious why they chose here. I’d assume there are millions of more fans available in the USA* than there would be in Morocco. And also, money.

The North American bid’s signature selling point, however, was delivered in a language FIFA members long have understood: revenue. The North Americans promised FIFA a record $11 billion profit — a staggering amount of money that could mean as much as $50 million for each national association.

Morocco, which pledged a profit of less than half as large as its rival’s, criticized the focus on money over soccer until the bitter end.

“The United Bid is proposing an offer that is mainly a business proposal for football,” one Moroccan official, Moncef Belkhayat, said Monday. “Their offer is based on dollars, on profit, while Morocco is offering an offer that is based on passion for football, for development of football — not only in Morocco, but also in Africa.”

Buddy, football doesn’t need any development. It’s been the world’s most popular sport for a loooong time. With the ability to generate 11 BILLION in one tournament I’d say if anything the development needs to hit the brakes a little bit.

But hey, despite the decades of money laundering, illegal involvement with elections and officials taking money from what their raised for Haiti relief, FIFA puts on a hell of a show and I’m willing to look past it for the sake of the game on USA’s* turf.

The best part? The finals are set to happen at MetLife stadium in New Jersey. Catch me there with my vuvuzela. 

*USA + Mexico + Canada.

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