Controversial ‘Baby Daddy’ Cards Removed from Several Retailers Before Father’s Day

Dad, Daddy, Pop, Big Guy, Daddio…Baby Daddy? One of these is not like the other in that one is not an acceptable phrase to mass produce on a holiday card to celebrate Father’s Day.

And of course, retailers learned that lesson real quick when Target and other stores displayed this American Greetings Father’s Day card for the world to see in preparation for Sunday’s day of dads.



As you can see, the photo appears to be of an interracial couple lovin’ on each other with the inappropriate phrase plastered on the front. American Greetings apologized after getting backlash that the card has racist tones to it and that ‘Baby Daddy’ is not a nice phrase like, whatsoever. Not even in a funny way.†So, they pulled the cards from stores, but not before letting everyone know that it was about what was on the inside that really counts:

The inside read, “You’re a wonderful husband and father†ó and I’m so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy! Happy Father’s Day.”

Well, OK, the inside is kind of nice. But I guess I’m still a little torn on whether this card is insensitive because at face value (which I guess is what a greeting card kind of is), Baby Daddy or Baby Mama is not really a nice thing to say. I agree, I mean Urban Dictionary certainly doesn’t portray either phrase in a positive light.

However, there are a lot of raunchy greeting cards out there and they are designed to be tongue-and-cheek and lighthearted for whoever you’re gifting it to. I’m sure there are plenty of couples out there who jokingly refer to one another as Baby Daddy/Mama and would buy this card and think about how perfect it is for their weird little inside joke. Plus, if you actually have a Baby Daddy or Mama in your life, you probably wouldn’t be getting them a greeting card anyways.


But, it’s 2018 and offending people is totally OUT, so it’s totally expected for American Greetings to quickly respond and get these cards off the sales floor, but I think there’s a good percentage of people out there who would say, “Lighten up, who gets cards anymore anyways?” Most people just make an Instagram collage for their dad who doesn’t even have an Instagram account.

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