At RPI, Frats Could Be a Thing of The Past in Another Bold Move From President Shirley Ann Jackson

Man, oh man. As if RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson hasn’t stirred the pot enough at the top of the hill in Troy, she’s about to stir it up even more right now. Just last week, she proposed a ban of all greek life organizations on campus.

Jackson, the highest paid college president in America, has been at the helm of RPI for a while now. And although her life story is inspirational, her tenure here in Troy has been anything but.

Her imperious style of running the school has led to a dramatic drop in alumni donations –we’re talking over 50 percent less than it used to be before her time.

And it may be due to the school dropping over $200 million on a ridiculously extra EMPAC performance center, a $3.5 million dollar Presidential mansion, her suppressing free speech during student-led backlash, the rising debt of the school, the fact she’s one of the highest paid college presidents in the country, or as we found out at 2BD, if it’s because she’s short?

But no matter how you feel about President Jackson, I think you can agree her next move to ban greek life is bad for the RPI brand.

As reported by the Albany Times Union: (TU)

“In light of recent incidents, we must determine the next steps Rensselaer should take to address issues within the Greek system at Rensselaer and to ensure the Greek organizations fulfill their intended purpose within our community,” RPI President Shirley Ann Jackson said in a letter to members of the school community last week.

“I am appointing a Greek Life Task Force, led by Le Norman Strong, Interim Vice President for Student Life, to assess the system, and work with the community to identify what is necessary to enact a long-term, sustainable, and comprehensive culture change to preserve the positive aspects of the Greek system.”

The letter noted: “Just recently, within our Greek system, we have experienced drug-related tragedies, alcohol abuse, sexual misconduct, and instances of hazing.” 

Alumni, though, said that Strong, in a presentation made over the weekend, signaled the school plans a “pause of all rush, recruitment and intake efforts,” for Greek organizations. That was according to a slide show presented to fraternity/sorority leaders and alumni over the weekend and viewed by the Times Union.

Bad. News. Bears. For those who are unfamiliar with what’s been causing a mild civil war up there, basically Jackson has been appointing her choice of staff to run traditionally student-run organizations, which has led to protests and even the rise of organizations like Renew Rensselaer.

All students want is for her to listen to them and she’s literally doing the opposite. Greek life is the pride and joy of collegiate life, and at RPI over 23 percent of the student body is involved.

That’s a surefire way to make sure the campus feels even more tension than it has this year –it could even completely deter some students from attending at all,

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