Marko’s Monday Motivation: Stay On Your Grind This Summer No Matter How Much You’ve Earned a “Break”

OK gang, it’s officially summer in upstate New York. There is a general consensus to kick back, relax and let loose for a few months. I think us upstate folks get this mentality after surviving Northeast winters, only giving us enough energy to complete routine tasks during the colder months.

And then, once summer hits, we donít even know how to act. Itís like thereís no spring anymore? Now all of a sudden I have to adjust from wearing winter coats and warming up my car to wearing shorts and praying my AC works?

Itís a rapid adjustment, and one thing all of us easily adjust to is the abundance of sun and seasonal recreation. Hey, we deserve it right? Be sure to reserve some days for blissful nothingness outside of a cocktail and a pool yard. This is all good and well, but itís important to not let summertime bliss consume you and you energy.


Remember, itís still time to level up, still time to grow, still time to progress. Breaks are needed and I understand that, in fact, I fall victim to the ďI need a breakĒ mentality often.

We sometimes grow comfortable in mundane routines, and without proper outlets such as exercise, conscious consumption of foods that are good for us (diet), and a means to find time to digress mentally (such as meditation or recreational reading), itís easy for us to convince ourselves weíre overworked and need time to relax and rest.

Far too frequently I give myself ďrest daysĒ to enable my conscious to believe Iíve worked too hard and need to take a step back. Sometimes itís needed, more than often itís rationalized.

Remember, someone is always working harder than you. Right this second, there is a person digging in a sand quarry until their hands bleed, only to earn enough to be able to work the next day.† Though the summer paints the picture perfect image of your time to decompress, do not grow forgetful or your goals and your grinds that correlate with them to ensure theyíre achievable.†



To neglect the excess energy and not utilize it to work toward our goals is both irresponsible and effortlessly rationalized by the content mindset. Are you cool with how life is now and donít need any changes? Thatís fine, enjoy. Are you trying to do something out here? You trying to build a name for yourself? Double up on your grind.

I donít care if you party, if you take lake hiatusí, you hit up more happy hours than usual, none of the above are excuses to stop getting after it.

Think of your competition — even if you think you donít have any, mentally create some, use your imagination. Think that your competition is always working to get what you want, so the day youíd like to kick back, work, and let them kick back. Think of this as your time to gain ground. Think of this as your time to network and develop more. Thereís infinite ways to get it. Find some.

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