Nobody Asked Me, But…Season 2, Episode 5

So, the best part of this week’s episode of Nobody Asked Me, But…isn’t that I stared the haters directly in the face and told them I ain’t listening to their rude AF comments, but that in the b-roll we found the most incredible (and mildly embarrassing, might I add) GIF of all time.

I don’t know how to save it yet since apparently I’m living in 2009, but once I can properly save said GIF and it starts being widely used by the World Wide Web you will be quite pleased. Everyone loves to watch me make a fool out of myself, right?

Anyway, this past week we hit up one of our favorite summer spots, Joseph L. Bruno Stadium AKA home of the Tri-City ValleyCats, which is actually a repeat location from last season but it’s so good we couldn’t help ourselves.

Pro tip: DON’T try and film anything from a minor league baseball game, like ever. That industry thrives on there not being a second of silence, so it was pretty tough to get this video filmed in between the loudspeaker going off with music, announcements and then the occasional firework going off in center field during an exciting in-game moment.

Check out this week’s episode of NAMB and stay tuned for a new one every Monday right here on Two Buttons Deep.

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