Four Fashion-Friendly Tips for Your Summer Wedding Season Attire

Before I begin: If you have ever used/plan to use the hashtag #weddingSZN, you should stop reading this post now because I have already told the bride and groom who invited you to rescind your invitation.

Understood? OK. We can move on now. And we must move on because wedding season is upon us, especially for the many twenty- and early thirty-somethings who read this blog on a regular basis.

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We all experience at least a year or multiple years of full on wedding season, AKA where you and your significant other are asked to attend weddings on what seems to feel like a bi-weekly occurrence for an entire spring, summer and fall.


Luckily for me, I haven’t reached that point in my life yet, but my friends and social media people I stalk acquaintances seem to be going through it on an infinite loop from season to season. And as fun as the first few weddings might be, this routine gets expensive –with lots of hangovers and outfits you’ll only wear once piling up in your closet.

But, weddings are one of those occasions where you do want to look and feel you’re best no matter what. Whether it’s for a photo opp. with your boyfriend who you finally got to dress up nicely, or because there’s a chance you could meet your future spouse on the dance floor, you’ve gotta be put together AF to celebrate a wedding in style.


These tips will work for guys and gals, so don’t be shy to take these tips right to the mall before the next time you have to hear vows exchanged from the back row of a very crowded room.

Wear a seasonal color or pattern

I get it, most of us are ballin’ on a budget, but that is no excuse to repurpose your winter suit in the middle of summer or wear a floral maxi dress with stockings underneath to a late fall wedding. Take advantage of the time of year and pick up on a trend that is perfect for a night of celebration and can be worn at another†summer event like a day at the races or a night at a fun, rooftop bar (unless you live in Troy where we desperately need one).

For girls:†It’s summer now, so I’m cool with you going all out in a floral number (let’s try a jumpsuit instead of a cotton maxi dress to class it up a little bit), or if you don’t want your pattern to upstage the bride, go for a cocktail dress in a pastel color that is so on trend for 2018.

For guys: This is an opportunity to take advantage of fast fashion retailers like H&M or Zara and get yourself a light-colored suit, like a tan linen or this super hip sky blue, that can be worn a few times and won’t crush your spirits too much if you spill a green tea shot on it.

Good shoes will go a long way

This applies to girls a little bit more than guys, but one of my biggest pet peeves is when girls take off their shoes halfway through an event. Yes, I know there’s dancing and sweating and drinking involved, but be a high-heel warrior and tough it out if that’s the fashion decision you choose to make.

But whether you’re male or female, good shoes are essential at a wedding for a number of reasons. Reason #1 being that you’re going to be wearing them for a long AF time and as much as I hate to admit it, comfort might†trump fashion if the main goal is to not have to bring a spare pair to change into once the Cupid Shuffle comes on.

For girls: Here’s a hint, if it’s an outdoor wedding, save the stilettos and go with a pair of block heels. Again, you might be sacrificing a little bit of fashion, but it’ll be well worth it when your pumps aren’t sliding into the grass all night.


Icendra Flared Heel Mule Sandal 1.STATE, $128.99 (Nordstrom)

For guys:†Go ahead and wear something that’s a little bit broken in. It’s OK to go buy a tie last minute, but a brand new pair of shoes is going to make you a grumpy guest without a doubt. And, if you’re feelin’ extra hip and you’re going to a more non-traditional type of celebration, you could even MAYBE rock a pair of cool kicks instead of dress shoes. Maybe —send me a picture first for pre-approval.


Don’t be so matchy-matchy

If you’re getting a plus one,†sometimes couples feel like they need to coordinate their outfits. Why? I don’t know, history? Instagram opportunities? Probably.


But matching with your S.O. is unnecessary for a few reasons. You have to rock your own outfit, your own color scheme for your skin tone and accessories, etc. and you don’t want to be the girl who’s at Marshall’s 30 minutes before the ceremony because you want to get your significant other a matching pocket square to go with your dress.

So, my tip for guys and girls: Definitely complement each other, but don’t go all out with a matching ensemble. The bride and groom are the couple of the night, not you two, so wait your turn on this one. I do recommend, however, discussing your outfits in advance so that there’s some level of understanding of what each of you are wearing and it’s not a total clashing situation.

Also, a quick P.S. for the girls –matching your manicure and pedicure is†out.†


And P.S.S. being single at a wedding is cool, too! The last wedding I attended I did *not* get a plus one and I didn’t realize until I got to the wedding that I was the only single one in the group I was hangin’ with.


But ya know what, I still had a good time and obvi, ladies and gents, keep those eyes peeled out on the dance floor! If everyone follows my fashion advice and looks like the 100 emoji at a wedding, you could find yourself a pretty spiffy match.


Quality counts

I can’t stress this one enough, especially for summer weddings.

It might seem easy (and most affordable) to buy a cute dressy-but-not-too-dressy outfit from Target or TJ Maxx, but you have to remember that it is expensive AF for a couple to invite you to your wedding.

And though not everyone is as “Fashion Police” as me, I know I would be devastated to see people looking sloppy or like they didn’t care enough to dress up for my wedding if I paid all that money for them to be there.


So, if you have time in advance to plan your outfit (which we know you do since you’ve had that invite for a while now),†shop online for more selection and maybe save up a little bit for a suit, dress or jumpsuit that looks like a million bucks.

I’m always giving you guys and gals a good start, but go spread those wings and do some research of your own! What’s in style this season? What can you add to your closet that will make you feel and look like a celeb for this special occasion and†could possibly repurpose for another event down the line?

Just care, care people. Care about being the best wedding guest you can be, care about dressing up and feeling good. In sickness and in health, richer or poorer, you can pull yourself together and rock the hell out of wedding season.


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