In Case You Were Wondering What it Means to go “Buttons Deep”

A lot of people always ask us what it means to go two buttons deep. And it’s pretty simple. When you’re no buttons deep, it’s the least fun time of your day, i.e. going into work, at school, doing chores, etc.  When you’re two buttons deep, it’s the best time of your day, happy hour, dinner with your family, or whenever you’re in “the zone” and having good conversations with people you care about. That’s what it means to be two buttons deep, and all the content we post to this site is stuff we think you will want to talk about when you are two buttons deep each day.


Now of course that’s our business pitch, but it all derived from a less professional setting as college students. The year is 2012 and we are up in Burlington, Vermont where I went to school. My apartment, known and loved as “Bluffhouse” holds frequent bangers where people wear hawaiian shirts or something of the like, and your intoxication level is documented by how many buttons deep you are. One button is upon arrival, all buttons is upon exiting a conscious state, two is somewhere in the middle where things are still going well for you. We’ve agreed anything above three buttons deep is best left off the internet. Anyways, this kid knows what we’re talking about.

We have a new video dropping tonight (July 18) at 6PM where we get to the bottom of whether or not Schenctady is making a comeback or not. According to the news, it’s not, but according to the 30,000 people at their annual Summer Night? Well, you’ll find out.

Also, I may or may not have written a song about going buttons deep.

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