Ditching Smart Phones for Flip Phones: Would the 2BD Squad Do it?

Apparently, flip phones are trying to make a comeback after one woman ditched her precious, highly-addictive smart phone for a stab at a simpler life and it made national news. I mean in theory, this philosophy sounds great, right? Especially if you’re a millennial like us and got your first cell phone in middle school when all the cool phones were coming out that you would absolutely beg your parents for and then master T9 word and fill your 50 text quota all before first period.

Looking back on it, those phones were pretty awesome and in some ways even more exciting than the pocket robots of today that can tell us Taylor Swift’s net worth in .0134569 seconds. An iPhone just isn’t as sexy as a slim, hot pink Razr phone am I right?

Anyways, as nice of an idea as this might be, I really find it hard to believe anyone is actually going to ditch their smart phones for flip phones again.

It’s practically impossible to live a life off the grid and not once crave the social media mindlessness that comes along with scrolling and waiting for people to double tap and like your pics.

I asked the 2BD squad (me included) if we would hop on this bandwagon, and which phone they would want to go back to from the day’s past.


OK well I wouldn’t do this voluntarily, but if I had to do it I would go back to the Samsung Alias. It flips both ways which is about as innovative as a flip phone could get and it also highly discriminates against people with fat fingers (AKA not me). This was my first texting phone and I blew $300 over the texting limit in 9th grade to my parent’s dismay. All thanks to my skinny fingers.



I would choose a flip phone over a smart phone to regain control of my life. It would be something I wouldn’t want to do but would see it as necessary, kind of like someone who is obese needs to switch up their diet so they don’t die. This little smart phone I have is wonderful, but it has so many options and abilities I’m looking at it so damn much and have to force myself to put it down to get other stuff done. It’s never good to have a vice like that right in the palm of your hand.

Reluctantly, though, I would hand over my smart phone, experience all the symptoms of withdrawal, and grab that silver Nextel Chirp phone. That phone was the hottest thing at Troy High in the late 2000’s. I just wouldn’t wear it outside my over-sized jean shorts on the clip and probably would have to opt out of having 50 Cent’s popular hit, Candy Shop as the ringer.



I like the fact that I have the answers to all of life’s questions on my smart phone in my pocket. I hate the fact that I literally never use my phone for that purpose, but instead I find myself stuck in the social media vortex and become unable to snap out of it.

I’m super unproductive because of my stupid iPhone, but at the same time I cannot function without it. I would like to give myself doses of a flip phone to try and ween me off of the smart phone, but that’s never going to happen. I’d take a Razr any day.




I think about giving up the social media life a lot, but with 2BD, my freelance work and my full-time job it is unfortunately too big of a part of all three of those things to ever be able to let go. And yeah, I could give it up on a personal level and just attack the World Wide Web from a professional perspective, but then no one would ever get to see all the cool outfits I wear on a daily basis.

However, if I had to go back for one particular phone of the past, it would be the Verizon enV phone that was literally too cool for school. This phone had a full keyboard when it opened up, a decent sized screen and some speakers to play your ringback tones on before you hit “purchase” and waited 17 minutes for it to download to your phone.

I felt SO cool when I was rockin’ this phone in middle school and sending texts to my first crush and making big plans for the football game. Yeah, it didn’t have Twitter and Instagram, but just holding it and flipping it around was even better than getting likes.


What would you guys do? Are flip phones going to make a comeback? Let us know. TTYL!

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