The Price Chopper Proposal Was Nice, But Market Bistro Would’ve Been Better

The one upside(?) of living in the suburbs is that there are multiple locations of literally every single business you could ever imagine. Several Targets, many Marshall’s and a gazillion grocery stores are just a short drive away from you at any time, and while you’ll always have your home base go-to store, chances are there’s one location that is the best one in the region.

What makes one particular location the best? Well, it depends. Some Targets are more updated inside or carry different brands than others, a specific Marshall’s store could receive more frequent shipments of new styles to choose from, and some grocery stores are the 3.0 version of its predecessors.

I’m bringing this up not to demonstrate my addiction to shopping and the physical need to go everywhere all the time, but because a guy proposed yesterday at the Price Chopper in Malta, NY. And in my humble opinion, he should’ve done it at Market Bistro.

To clarify, I am all for proposals in non-traditional places that more than likely have some sort of significance for the couple that the ordinary bystander wouldn’t see.

200You will never catch me saying “yes” at Fenway Park or after being pulled up on stage at a concert. I would rather literally go *POOF* into the air and disappear forever before I would let that happen to me —so, I am on board with the PC proposal 100 percent.

BUT, the Malta Price Chopper? It’s just a little underwhelming compared to the King of Capital Region grocery stores, AKA Market Bistro in Latham. Can you imagine being proposed to on BISTRO BLVD? Talk about a dream come true. Not only would you say yes to the love of your life, but you’d be surrounded by sushi, fresh meats and cheeses, lobster rolls and macaroni and cheese for your immediate consumption afterwards.


Bistro Blvd is luxurious, it’s basically the Las Vegas strip of grocery store aisles. The Malta Price Chopper is like a dark alleyway filled with cereal boxes compared to this place.

The ice cream aisle at MB is undoubtedly cooler than the PC one this dude popped the question in, and I think if he really wanted to play his cards right and receive a little less awkward response than he did from his lady, Market Bistro would’ve been the move.

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