Soft Serve Review – Chrissy’s Cravings

This summer I am in pursuit to find the best soft serve in the Capital Region and beyond. Everywhere I go I get a small twist which we judge on three crucial categories of criteria: size, durability and taste. With that data we construct a bulletproof ranking from 0-10 to let you all know which stands are good and which ones are phoney.

For this review I went to a fan favorite, Chrissy’s Cravings out in Schaghticoke. Spelling Schaghticoke was certainly the most challenging part of this all, and probably why I had to deduct a point from their very delicious soft serve. I also have a few questions about their mascot, but who am I to judge, the ice cream is good and that’s what matters.

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  1. Miss PAM

    Thank you for visiting Moxie’s Ice Cream last night. i hope that once in a blue moon you can have a craving for hard ice cream……Have a great day!


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