Snowflakes in August: People are Boycotting Troy Cloth & Paper for Selling a Generic Trump Shirt

2BD does our best to never dip our toes into politics because nobody ever wins. Ever. However there has been an uproar from keyboard warriors this week that caught my attention after our neighbor, Troy Cloth and Paper, was dragged across the coals for doing the unspeakable act of…selling a generic 2016 Trump campaign shirt.

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Daniel’s post generated hundreds of spiteful comments, bad reviews and over 400 hateful direct messages to the small businesses Facebook. They’re accusing the co-owner, David Langer, of being racist, pro-hate and a nazi-sympathizer despite the fact Langer is Jewish, and despite the fact the shop was also selling multiple Hillary and Bernie shirts they also had leftover from the 2016 election.†

Listen folks, the shit Donald Trump broadcasts has me shaking my head on a daily basis just as much as the next guy. But if we’re two years deep into his presidency and you’re† still referring to him as our “so-called President” and attacking small businesses for mildly showcasing said “so-called President” which our country elected, then you are more of the problem than you think. This is why the term snowflake was created, and I finally understand what they mean.

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It’s 2018 bruh, love it or hate it, he’s our President just as much as Troy Cloth and Paper is a hard working small business that you are publicly trying to annihilate due to a self-perceived different viewpoint from your own.

I’ve known David for a number of years now. I remember working with him on a video project in 2015 when he ran his first shirt company out of his house up the hill from downtown. He had a giant machine that took up the whole circumference of the overheated basement and he worked day in and day out making t-shirts for RPI groups and other happy customers around the region. He organically grew his business, eventually acquiring the existing Troy Cloth and Paper brand and now has a brick and mortar in the heart of downtown Troy. I’m assuming with proper A/C this time. He’s a true success story and both his team and products are top notch.

It’s a shame that people like Daniel are ignorant to the fact that their hate mongering may possibly be more detrimental on a local basis than Donald Trump ever will be. They assume their opinions are bulletproof to the point where they would actually want to watch a hardworking small business like TC&P be boycotted and go under, than see the President of the United States represented on a mild campaign shirt in their store.

I mean, if what TC&P was selling was an agenda-based shirt saying the Times Union is fake news and Troy shouldn’t be a sanctuary city, sure, voice your opinion. But getting mad over something like a generic campaign shirt is simply a reminder to how quickly snowflakes melt.†And it’s not because of the August heat.

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  1. A
  2. Ricky

    I agree with you Jack. This only further polarizes people. I can’t stand our president, but we ought to be diplomatic with each other in our local communities. Temper tantrums never win. Divided we fall.

  3. James John

    You fucking anti-Trump people are deranged losers. Stop with this bullshit and get a fucking job assholes!

  4. Jacob Gilbert

    Daniel Micah should be ashamed of himself. So he doesn’t like the President. We’re nearly 2 years into the Trump administration, and, like it or not, he is the President. I respect the office of the President. I didn’t vote for him, but I respect the fact that he was elected.

    If you go by what has been presented in the media from the day Trump declared his candidacy three years ago, certain of the media prefer to paint the picture not of a political neophyte, which Trump is at his core, but of a spoiled, entitled millionaire businessman whose Twantrums come across sounding like a 70-something man-child who isn’t happy unless everything goes his way or it’s about him.

    As for Mr. Micah, shame on you, allowing your hatred for the President to cloud your judgment. As I said above, I didn’t vote for him, either, but I’ve moved on. You should, too.


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