Crocs Are Officially Closing All of Their Manufacturing Plants

(source) Crocs, the shoe manufacturer known for its colorful, comfort-forward resin footwear, is closing the last of its company-owned manufacturing plants. The two overseas plants, one located in Mexico and one in Italy, will be closed by the end of the year.

Crocs, based in Niwot, Colorado, announced the closures Tuesday (Aug. 7) as part of its quarterly financial results, describing the move as an effort to “simplify the business and improve profitability.” The Mexico plant has already closed, and the Italy plant will close later this year.


The fact Crocs are still in production is as mesmerizing to me as the fact Nickelback still tours. They both are the butt of jokes on a daily basis to the point where I would feel self conscious ever stepping foot in public representing either of their products due to the stigma that the internet has provided these two surprisingly successful enterprises.

I’ve never owned a pair, nor do I plan to. I understand they serve a purpose, but mostly that purpose is to know anybody who wears them to school is a psychopath.

Now according to what I’ve seen on the internet, they’re a hit in the medical industry (and kids of course). And I concur. Two weeks ago I was in Maine and I sliced open my knee and had to go to the Urgent Care. I felt bad because it was Sunday and I had the on-call lady come in. But when she showed up you know what she was wearing? Crocs!!! It didn’t make me feel secure, but I still trusted her because I needed stitches and was low key excited to use my health insurance plan for the first time. But while she was cleaning out my cut, she was spraying water on it and it was soaking the table with my blood and water and cleaning products mixed together, thus dripping to the floor…onto her crocs!!!! Which were completely permeable to her socks!!! I was shook. But that’s besides the fact.

Crocs hasn’t announced how they will continue production, but their CFO also stepped down so it could very well be the inevitable demise for a brand that once thrived. 

You know who’s losing out the most with all of this? Young women who wear heels to the bar. Most women wear heels to give their height a boost while out on the town, but many, despite knowing exactly what was going to happen, end up removing said shoes due to incredible self inflicted pain they caused. But you know what looks hella comfortable and could very well be the reason Crocs stay in business? 


All it takes is a hit to your ego and $29.99.

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  1. The Tactical Hermit

    Say it ain’t so! I love my Crocs! Time to buy a few more pair before day zero approaches!


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