These Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars Will Make All of Us Adults Forget Santa Isn’t Real

It’s not Christmas in July or anywhere close to Christmas, but guess what? Summer is basically over and everyone knows it. Those long, sunny days will soon be behind us as we entire into an 8-month period of nothing to look forward to. (Yeah, I hate winter, OK?)

But of course there’s just one big day in between the most dreaded season in the Northeast that makes everyone temporarily happy for a little bit and that is the Christmas or whateveryoucelebrateinstead season.


Now, Christmas is not as fun in adulthood as it was when you were a kid, but honestly nothing is, so you create new traditions and ways to enjoy ourselves to make it through.

Usually those “new ways” involve alcohol and that is why Aldi’s wine and cheese advent calendar is making adults everywhere ecstatic.

This is an amazing invention, and we should all be thankful Aldi is finally bringing this popular product to the states this season after keeping it in its native country of Germany and other parts of Europe for years.

Who needs that cheap, fake chocolate candy in the advent calendar from Christmas Tree Shops? No one over the age of 21 that’s for sure.

(PS: to this day, as a 24-year-old adult, I am terrified of the Christmas Tree Shops. I have terrible childhood memories of being dragged around that store, confused by the wide array of products, probably losing my mom twice each visit, the bright lighting…OK you get how traumatic reliving this experience is so I need to stop now.)

But now, we can finally keep the Christmas spirit(s) going for all 24 days of the season by pairing these mini bottles of wine with cheese and being adult AF while doing it. I’m not going to lie, $69.99 for an advent calendar ain’t cheap –but these are mini bottles of wine that add up to quite a bit of alcohol by the time you’re through with it. Plus, the cheese calendar is a steal for $12.99 which does slightly concern me, but I’m gonna roll with it.

So if summer is ending, at least we have this to look forward to. Thanks, Aldi.

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