The Circle of Nostalgia is Complete After Toto Covers Weezer’s “Hashpipe”

After a series of makeshift campaign from a persistent fan, Weezer covered Toto’s hit song Africa. It became the band’s first charted hit in almost a decade. 


After the band’s debut of the cover on Jimmy Kimmel Live in early June, the single has taken control of every alternative station in the world, as well as…Burger King?

Good thing nobody goes to Burger King. The point is it’s a good cover of a great song, so while the alt stations burn it the ground with the repeat button, Toto, who is somehow still touring after 40 years, brewed up their own plan on nostalgia.

It’s official, the circle of nostalgia is complete. I wish more bands did crossovers like this because I’d say this cover is on par with Weezer’s original, as is Weezer’s cover of Africa. To be honest, they would have risen right up there on the charts (and provided alt stations something else to get off to) if they chose Island in the Sun rather than Hashpipe.

It’s actually amazing that Toto is still grooving. Their main hits came out in the early 80s. They’ve been a band for over 40 years, they’ve dropped like flies and bred like bunnies to keep the band alive but they’re still moving. And as Toto guitarist Steve Lukather puts it in a press release, “the irony that we were smoking hash before these guys were alive was not lost on us.”

Rivers Cuomo was born in 1970 and Steve Lukather was born in 1957. Was Lukather smoking hash in 1969 as a 12-year-old?

I guess they weren’t lying about the sixties. 

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