I Am Very Concerned About Amtrak’s Latest Tweet

This morning Amtrak (‘s intern?) let out a doozy of a tweet.

And now I’m gonna screen shot it because hopefully they’ll remove this before people read this article.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 2.34.46 PM.png

Now of course there is nothing wrong with this tweet on the surface, however this has old-school AIM chain mail written all over it. Normally it’s a “repost or else you won’t live past midnight” and it succeeded based on the fear of your own imagination.

Now it’s America’s premier trainsportation authority saying you need to share for good luck…or what? I’ll die like the 3 people in the Washington State crash back in December? The 8 people that died on their train in Philly in 2015? Or maybe like the 2 people their engineer shot and killed on their platform THIS WEEK?

Can I say this tweet is…a…train wreck?


This is just daunting. They’re one bad PR trip away from losing their share of the market to fuckin’ Megabus and they’re out here trying to gain twitter followers on more than less, fear-based tactics. Not good for the brand. Especially for a company that allows mass amounts of passengers to board with two full sized luggage without even a whiff of security processing makes us wonder…Is this going to be the resolution of their next big catastrophe?

“Sorry about your loss sir, but according to our records, Jared didn’t RT for good luck!”

I’m a fan of Amtrak, especially when my company pays for my trips. It’s a smooth ride with a great view of the Hudson, and I enjoy not being groped by security/taking off my belt because I have an ignorant amount of faith in humanity. And relatively speaking, they do provide a statistically safe mode of transportation.

Now of course I could complain about the fact their wifi is about as existent as their cupholders, but that’s just petty. But now that I know I don’t have good luck because I don’t want to RT them (because that will be bad for my clout (coolness)), I’m gonna be a little more on edge next time I board their train. After all, I’ve seen Final Destination. I know how this shit works.

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