“The Hills” Reboot Has Nothing on “Very Cavallari”

People (journalists) get so pissed when someone makes the backhanded comment, “Slow news day, huh?” but I’m feeling like that phrase can very easily be applied to last night’s MTV VMA awards, considering:

A. I had no idea the VMAs were even on last night

B. There were little-to-no exciting Twitter feeds or celebrity photos/videos/gossip about it

C. The most exciting reveal was that MTV is bringing back “The Hills”

D. All of the above

(Yes, if you guessed D, you are correct.)



MTV Video Music Awards, Arrivals, New York, USA - 20 Aug 2018

I literally only recognize less than 25 percent of the people in this photo.

I mean, for real? We’re not talking about the Academy Awards here or anything, but I feel like any old award show can drum up a little more media attention than this. AND this is coming from someone who was a big fan of “The Hills” and I still cannot find it within my heart to care about this reboot. But, there’s a reason why.

Because earlier this summer, Very Cavallari premiered on E! showcasing the life of former Laguna Beach and The Hills cast member Kristen Cavallari. She’s a mom of three, girl boss of her own company, Uncommon James, and married to the newly-retired NFL QB Jay Cutler.

This show has FIRE flames emoji written all over it, let me tell you. Cavallari was one of the most rowdy gals of the bunch back in the day, but now that she’s matured she’s taken a step back from the drama and brought in a whole new crew of Insta-famous 20-somethings to take over that role.

giphy (7)

Very Cavallari works so well because it’s the perfect mix of old faces with new. It’s got all the drama of the shows of the past, but with two solid anchor main reality TV characters like the celeb couple Cavallari and Cutler are.

We cared enough about Cavallari and her successes post-Hills that she is welcomed into the spotlight yet again, but honestly other than her and a few others, the rest of The Hills cast members are not popular enough for this. And obvi she ain’t gonna be in it because she’s wrapped up in her own show now.

giphy (6)

As much as everyone thinks reboots are going to be a big hit, the usually flop because the whole reason these people aren’t on reality TV anymore is because they’re washed up, onto bigger and better careers, started families, got into drugs, etc.

The real star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad, is also rumored to not be returning to the show, AKA this lineup of cast member is a total snooze fest. Conrad and Cavallari are the ones who have made big careers for themselves and are too busy being the girl bosses they are to hang out with the outcast cast members (like our boy Spencer Pratt).

Sorry MTV, E! is going to keep my viewership this time. And seriously, if you need a good Sunday night show, tune into Very Cavallari –you will not regret it.


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