Bad News Bears: Bears are Roaming Around the Capital Region and I Guess We Should Be Scared

Say hello to our little friend. Or actually don’t, that’d be dangerous. Bears, people! Bears are hanging out right here in the Capital Region and have been spotted in neighborhoods from Guilderland all the way to Saratoga Springs.


As reported by the Albany Times Union, here’s what said bears have been up to:

Bear complaints across the state have doubled from last year as animals come up on homes and neighborhoods, likely drawn in the by presence of food, which can be pet food or unsecured trash, but very often is a backyard bird feeder.

Guilderland police said a bear was spotted in the area of School and Nielsen roads. The Spa City bear was seen knocking down a bird feeder in the Geyser Crest neighborhood near Hathorn and Hutchins roads.

Here’s the thing for me…maybe like the bee thing from last week, I feel like I just wouldn’t be scared to see a bear. Probably because I have never seen a bear so I don’t know what it would be like.

They’re cute, right? But then there’s the phrase (and movie?) “Bad News Bears” and that has to come from somewhere…somewhere not so good.

It seems so unlikely to ever come into contact with one of these lil guys as long as you avoid the woods (which I OBVIOUSLY do at all costs), but the fact this is like a real deal warning right now in the 518 has me wondering how I would react.

Should I take it a step further and blame my not-scaredness on bears being portrayed as lovable characters all throughout history? You bet I should. You’ve heard someone describe a friend (AKA a guy who has totally been friend zoned beyond repair) as a “big teddy bear” at one point or another, you’ve watched shows like Little Bear, you’ve seen Smokey the Bear protect us from fire danger, and you’ve gawked at the massive line at Build-A-Bear for a free teddy bear promotion.


I mean these guys have a pretty good reputation as cartoons and stuffed animals, so why are they so scary in real life?

Society, I am blaming you for this. Now we’re warning people to take their tiny pets indoors, get rid of the bird feeders for a couple of weeks and beware of bears who could just be hanging out in your front yard when you pull in the driveway after work. But instead, kids could be running outside to pet these friends and welcome them into backyards and homes across Upstate NY!

We portray bears are harmless, fun creatures but in reality they probably just want to steal your food, and not like in the way of overstaying their welcome at a civil family barbecue, but like by ripping sh*t apart and coming atcha if they don’t get their way. What a role reversal!

Also, in other bear news, this video was pretty wild:


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