Soft Serve Review – Bon’s

In my pursuit to find the best soft serve in Upstate New York, my Mom joined me for a family favorite…Bon’s.

Located on 9N in Lake Luzerne, close to where we have a camp, it serves up some of the best ice cream in the land, and yes I’m being biased. My family even has a chant for the place, for which us Carpenter kids would belt after dinner as we were ready for the dessert that dreams are made of.

But I wouldn’t let that bias get in the way of delivering a fair and reliable score based on the three crucial categories. And to nobody’s surprise, it did very well.

Also, soft serve season is coming to a close. I’m well aware. This week will be the final review before we move onto another seasonal staple in Upstate New York…But don’t melt, soft serve reviews will continue next spring. There are wayyyyy more places than I anticipated.

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