Stewart’s is a staple to any town in Upstate New York. Literally any town. Is there any town in Upstate without a Stewart’s? I don’t think so. It’s a convenience store, a gas station, and ice cream parlor, a place for old people to do lottery tickets, and above all, a community center. I love Stewart’s from the bottom of my heart but there is one thing that gets me. I don’t love their breakfast sandwiches. I want to. But I can’t.

You see, to me, in my opinion, their breakfast sausage comes off a wee bit watery and the egg is nothing but a fluff blanket. Gross. I’ve got it many a time, and I’m not alone, they sold over 4 MILLION BREAKFAST SANDWICHES IN THE LAST YEAR (allegedly). Nobody understands how important breakfast sandwiches are quite like Upstaters.

Anyways, recently the company came out with a civility campaign in pursuit to dissolve the political divide we experience…everywhere. The chain is offering a new flavor of vanilla, caramel swirl and NO nuts to represent civility…Although I can guarantee someone is going to get mad that they chose vanilla.

Back to the breakfast sandwich, where was I..Oh right, they sell a lot but the 2BD squad has a way they could serve even more, because I would eat it 365.

Real eggs, baby.

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