I Do Not Support Jack’s #RealEggsAtStewarts Campaign

Another week, another 2BD Squadcast debate that puts the co-founders of this company at odds. Jack and I are way beyond “old married couple” status where you  argue about which parking spot to take at the grocery store. We basically disagree on anything and everything, which I’m OK with because I am almost always right. (Except when it comes to the water content in things like milk and coffee, because apparently guessing that percentage is Jack’s hidden talent.)

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Anyways, we spent a good amount of the Squadcast talking about our favorite place in the 518, Stewart’s, and Jack went full force in campaigning for real eggs instead of the fluffy ones in Stewart’s breakfast sandwiches.

I want everyone to know this belief is fundamentally wrong, and this is a campaign I cannot support.


Here’s the thing about getting food at a “convenience store” (putting that in quotes because Stewart’s is so much more than that) –you know you’re in for something that is less quality than what you’d get at a regular restaurant or establishment. You want something greasy, something a little less healthy, something that just came out of a microwave and has been sitting in a hot cabinet for hours on end.

For the price you pay, you want to indulge in a snack or meal that is satisfying but not exactly the best thing you’ve ever had. But at Stewart’s, the breakfast sandwiches are still pretty killer and as #ourpresident Gary Dake said, Stewart’s partners (AKA employees) have more important things to do than make real eggs for us. Which I agree with. They’re too busy becoming millionaires and making the world go ’round to be in front of a frying pan all morning.

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Bottom line is, leave the eggwich as it is. Me and Gary are on the same side, and I think that means he might want to go from #mypresident to #myhusband real soon with all this support I’m throwing his way.

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