Waitress Sues Her Employer for Making Her Wear a Bra at Work Because People Are STILL Offended by Nipples in 2018

Well, welcome to the modern world everyone. Nipples are a real thing these days (have been for quit a few years, actually) and even though they’ve been a part of the human body since before the Bible was a thing, people are incredibly offended by them. But here’s the catch, only female nipples are frightening, offensive and specifically requested to be covered up.

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The latest story of this happening comes from a waitress in Canada who made the very personal decision to not wear a bra to work. Yup, that’s right –choosing to wear (or not wear) a bra is a personal decision that effects literally NO ONE except you and your girls.

But alas, customers were offended by the nips and complained to the owner, who then made it a part of the dress code for all female employees to wear a bra or a tank top under their clothes.

Long story short, the waitress quit and is now suing the owner for requiring her and other workers to wear a bra to work. And you know what I say to that? Hell yeah, my girl! Bras are overrated, anyways.


If I was REQUIRED to wear a bra to work I would’ve been fired from every single job past, present and future. Wearing a bra just isn’t mandatory, OK? Like the thought of that sentence forming in one’s head and worse, coming out of one’s mouth is so unbelievably concerning to me, especially given the climate we are in today.

Just some friendly reminders why this is f’ed up:

(PS: I am not particularly one to call myself a feminist, I actually am not a huge fan of that word but that’s for another time. These are just like normal things people should know TBH)

  1. Boys and men can show their nipples all the time. They can actually even go shirtless in public places like boardwalks, beaches, while jogging or working out at certain gyms, etc.
  2. Not a statement, but a legitimate question: What the actual F is offensive about a nipple? Have you ever seen one before? Oh, if it’s because it could potentially arouse you…buddy let me tell you that is on YOU!
  3. Anybody who has ever gotten dress has experienced the feeling where some article of clothing simply isn’t working with your outfit. Maybe you change up your pair of earrings, realize your socks are uncomfy or your jeans are a little short –so you remove the article of clothing that is causing you trouble and you kiss it goodbye for a day. Well hello, sometimes a bra is what needs to be ditched for sanity, comfort or style.

This list could be ever expanding, but I dare not go further until anyone out there can give me a real deal answer for #2. What’s so bad about nipples, everyone? All of us ladies are cool with seeing guys nips, and if we’re showing our own it is more than likely A) not intentional and B) if it is intentional, it’s a personal choice. It’s a body part we all have and should not be afraid of.

Get over it weirdos, and I hope this chick tells everyone to suck it and doesn’t stop nippin’ out if that’s what she is so inclined to do. We’ll stand together on this one.

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