5 Things that Happened in NFL’s Opening Weekend Full of Surprises

Week one of the 2018 NFL season is officially in the books confirming that no one really knows anything about football and I fricken love it.

So much stuff happened from Thursday to Monday night that itís hard to process everything at a face value.

1. We had a Cleveland team end their 17-game losing streak in true Brownís fashionÖa tie. They now have a 1-31-1 record over the past two seasons.

2. We also had a Buccaneer backup quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing for over 400-yards and four touchdowns in Tampa’s rout over a Saints team that has one of the best secondaries in the league.

3. Nick Foles threw for less than 200-yards and still won on opening night over the Falcons when he led his team on a late fourth quarter drive to seal the deal and we are just scratching the surface.

Week one of the NFL season should be a national holiday. I spent a solid 15 plus hours watching football and I could not get enough. Iím sure everyone else feels the same. So many storylines unfolded, dreams crushed and possibilities coming to fruition. Iím excited for this year and Iím happy that football is finally back.

4.†Last year there were eight new teams that made the playoffs who fell short in the year prior. I know this might be an overreaction, but I think there will be at least six new teams to make it to the post season this year the way things are looking. You could make a legitimate case for at least 14-teams that did not make the playoffs last year that could be at least a wildcard team this year.

Iím going to make a bold prediction and maybe overreact to their win last night, but I think the Jets could sneak their way into a playoff spot. It goes against every morsel in my body to say something like that being a lifelong Dolphinís fan, but I like the way Sam Darnold recovered from throwing a pick-6 on his first ever passing play. And I think they have a top 10 defense if they stay healthy. That being said I hope it doesnít happen.

There are also two sure fire teams that made it to the postseason last year that I donít think will make the playoffs this year in the AFC. The Buffalo Bills are one, but thatís a given. The second look to be the Tennessee Titans. They are playing in new uniforms this year and we all know what happened last time they switched it up. They went to the Super Bowl in 1999 and were 2-yards away from beating Kurt Warner’s Ram team that bolstered the ďGreatest Show on Turf.Ē I donít see that in the cards this year for the new look Titans.

5. One thing that I enjoyed this week was the fact that the Fins will have a winning record for at least a week. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m probably one of the biggest Miami Dolphins fans you will ever see. I get my heart ripped out every season and for some reason I come crawling back every September thinking something will change. It won’t, but in my heart of hearts I believe some day I will get a chance to see my beloved Fins play for a Lombardi trophy. They started the season out right, but it also took over seven hours to seal the deal in the longest NFL game in history. I had to go out to the bar to watch the game and I probably spent just as much on food and drinks as I would of on the Sunday Ticket. At least they got the W.

There’s so much to breakdown in what happened this week in the NFL and I can go on for days, but I’ll leave you with my Super Bowl prediction. Drum roll please……….

I’ll take the Rams over the Chiefs. You heard it hear first. I hope everyone has a great football season and look out for my weekly NFL picks.

P.S. I don’t want to hear about your fantasy football team. Drop it already. Thanks.

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