400 THOUSAND Pounds of Frozen Chicken Recalled for Containing Bits of Metal

Frozen meat should really just be a no-go all the time, but especially when nearly 450,000 pounds of chicken gets recalled for containing pieces of metal in it. Yes, metal! AKA something that should really not be anywhere near the food you’re eating unless you’re a welder or construction worker on your lunch break eating a Stewart’s sub ready to dive back into some serious handiwork upon your return.

As reported by TODAY:

The poultry products affected by recall were distributed nationwide, though Wayne Farms has to yet to clarify specifically which states, restaurants and grocery stores were affected. The recall affects 11 specific products including white meat chicken, diced chicken, grilled seasoned white meat chicken fines, grilled chicken meat, grilled marked white chicken strips, all natural diced chicken and natural diced seasoned white meat chicken.

Ever heard of a trigger word? You know, something that you hear and your mind is immediately flooded with dark thoughts or bad memories? Well, “diced chicken” is definitely a trigger word for me. I just picture slimy, white-but-not-really-white chicken spilling out of a sealed bag with a *little* too much moisture in it.

Listen, we don’t really need to be buying frozen, pre-diced and sliced meat like this in 2018. That’s the first issue at hand here.


Secondly, the recall. Can you imagine being the person who bit into one of these little diced chicken bits and realized you suddenly had a taste of metal in your mouth? No thank you!

It’s kind of scary that there are companies out there within the food and beverage industry that pride themselves on being all-natural, fresh, healthy, etc. and then you find out there’s metal in the products somehow. Does that happen by accident? I mean, of course probably, but HOW does it even happen in the first place? I’m shook!

But, when it comes to recalls, maybe this isn’t the worst one out there. I would be way more concerned if something I bought had the potential to make me deathly ill and poison my entire family in a single bite or sip –a little metal ain’t gonna kill ya. (I would know because I recently ended up at Urgent Care because of an alleged piece of metal stuck in my eye. Not sure how that happened either.)

Not good for the brand, not good for the people out there buying pre-diced frozen chicken. And if you have this product in your home, obviously throw it out ASAP because you don’t want to end up with an accidental pair of grillz from consuming so much metal.



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